My story as a writer began with my dad, though anyone who knew him might find that strange.

He did a great many peculiar things in his life. He was a blacksmith, a counter-businessman, a bad traveller and a reluctant adventurer. He was what I would call a subtle teacher - casual, bordering on disinterested. It was only after he disappeared from my world in 2012, that I began to think about what he did with his life and how impacted upon me. He was an individual, that was certainly true, he did what made him happy and did not conform to the expectations of others. And he did become happy in the end. 


Before he died I had been carrying my first written words around with me in my head for years. I typed my very one as a writer the morning after I had said goodbye to him in the hospital. And now, three years later, for the first time, I am ready to let others read some of them.


Ogres: Confessions of an Aficionado is my second book, but it is the first I have decided to self publish. If you read it, I hope you like it. And if you like it, I hope to hear from you! I will try to post in my blog from time to time and I promise to respond to anyone who takes the time to comment.


I also need to shout out to my friend Alex Kresineski who provided the artwork for the books. He was also one of the first to read it (along with my wife) and give me comments positive enough to allow me to put it out there.


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